Leaded Door Glass

At GlassTex we carry many different sizes of leaded glass inserts for entrance doors. Depending on the number of pieces needing to be replaced, in many situations it is more cost effective to have the entire insert simply switched out with a new or refurbished insert.

We pride ourselves on our ability to service our clients with the greatest sense of urgency while still attending to each and every detail of the job.

There are a number of standard sizes for leaded glass door inserts. The following are the most common.

Full Lite
21-1/2 x 67 Inches

3/4 Lite
21-1/2 x 56 Inches

2/3 Twin Lite
9-3/4 x 47-3/4 Inches

1/2 Lite
21-1/2 x 35-3/4 Inches

1/2 Oval
16-3/4 x 39-3/4 Inches

2/3 Lite
21-1/2 x 47-3/4 Inches

2/3 Arched Lite
21-1/2 x 52 Inches

If your door glass insert is not one of the standard sizes listed, DON’T WORRY. We can have any size and configuration made in about two weeks.

All of the new glass inserts are made with a solid piece of tempered glass on each side of the decorative insert. This serves a number of different purposes. The first of those is safety. The safety of your home and contents is vastly improved and the chance of injury to someone in your family due to broken glass is minimized greatly due to the tempered safety glass on each side of the insert.  Another benefit of the triple glaze decorative leaded glass insert is the added insulation it provides. The majority of the windows in your house are most likely dual glaze for that very reason. The triple glaze leaded glass door insert is also protected from sun and rain and will not corrode and require constant cleaning to keep its beautiful appearance.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from when selecting your door glass and all of the styles are available in gold, black or silver at the same low cost. The cost for most of the standard sizes is approximately $375. This price includes installation as well.

If you are considering repairing a broken leaded door glass insert please call us. You will pay $100 for each small piece of decorative glass that needs to be replaced on your door and much more if the framing is damaged and needs to repaired which is virtually always the case. This is most certainly a bad investment when compared to replacing it with a new triple glaze insulated unit.

Whatever your glass needs might be, single or double pane broken window glass repair and replacement, leaded glass decorative door glass, solar screens, a frame less shower enclosure,glass shelving, window tint, security film, wall mirrors, or commercial storefront glass repair, storefront door repair, renovation, remodel or new construction for storefront, retail, office buildings or any other commercial or residential project, GlassTex is the glass company for you. Our professional glass installers and technicians are servicing the glass needs of customers in Tomball, Spring, Cypress, Magnolia, Champion Forest, The Woodlands, 1960, Copperfield, Fairfield , Pinehurst, Bunkerhill, Memorial, Katy, Jersey Village, Bellaire, Sugar Land and throughout the entire Houston area 7 days a week.


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